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1.2. Alone
She huddled up on her bed, body wracking with violent sobs. Her dress was splattered with a still vibrant, scarlet color. There went another one of the children, lost and gone forever. And it was all because of her. Was he going to break her down like this so that she would have no other choice but to stay by his side? Was he trying to tear her apart from the inside out? Her heart was heavy, but she still clung to the hope that she would still be able to protect the others.

I don't want to be alone again.

2.2. Together

I wonder if you knew what I have done, would you no longer care for me? If I told you that my hands are dyed in the blood of innocent souls, would you be disgusted? If I said the words that I swore I would never be able to speak, would you reject me? If I tried to come closer, would you grow further apart from me?

If I said I wanted to be together with you, always and forever, would you still leave me?  

If I ever disappeared, would you even notice that I was gone?

3.2. Tricore

The winged figure perched herself lightly onto the top of the gallows. In its former glory, it was a strong, wooden structure made to punish villains of heinous crimes, but now it lay long forgotten in the wastelands on her doorstep. Forget-me-not flowers clustered around the entire piece. It was ironic really.  Reaching her hand out, she plucked one of the flowers and fixed it into her hair. Forget me not…. She could only wonder how many of these people have been forgotten.

Will I no longer be remembered as well? Will I be forgotten like those criminals who have died for their wrongdoings?

I suppose we all have something in common.

4.2. Memory

When she thought about it, she realized she knew almost nothing about her housemates. Ruzai was a mystery to her; even thought Theo was the one she saw most often,  she didn't know if there was anything underneath that smiling, overexcited exterior; and Steiler… He did mention having a brother when he was drunk didn't he? It was intriguing. She wanted to know more about them because she was curious. Did any of them have any memories from before they came to Fyr'st? How long have they been in this place? She pondered on these questions, but figured that she would uncover them in due time.

5.2. Craving

There was that strange feeling in her chest again. It fluttered and ached, and it made her heart beat quickly. Her cheeks were flushed pink. Were these the symptoms of a fever? But it was a strange kind of sickness that only came when she thought about him. Him? She didn't dare say his name aloud. What was this feeling? This insatiable desire to see him was like being kept away from something that she could have had. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before. Her curiosity wanted her to pursue this feeling, explore and find out what it might be. But her reason chided her and forewarned that it may not be something she wanted to seek.
Sei: 1. | 1.2 | 2.
1. Alone :: Past "Child who drowns herself with grief, hope shines dimly through the aged curtains."
2. Together :: Present "Maybe if I did not think, these thoughts will not come about."
3. Tricore :: Nifl'corheim "Death holds no distinction between the condemner and the condemned."
4. Memory :: Present "Who are these people that I live with?"
5. Craving :: Present "I must be ill."
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